I have a new found love for essential oils but never thought of wearing jewelry to diffuse them. My daughter purchased a necklace and bracelet from Diffuse Casually for Christmas and I have never had a piece of jewelry with such great use! I love the idea and styles.

— Laura M.

I can’t stop buying! I originally met with Athena to look at some of the different options she created in hopes to find 1 or 2 pieces for Christmas gifts. I ended up leaving with 6 pieces! I loved them all and they were such a great hit! I had also asked Athena for a particular style that she did not quite have but she was able to whip one up for me in no time! I was thoroughly impressed and satisfied. I can’t wait to purchase for Valentine’s Day.

— Karina F.

I love my essential oil jewelry! I bought a necklace and a bracelet after realizing how much I enjoy the scent of my oils while diffusing. I have my necklace hanging from the rear view mirror of my truck and change the oils weekly which keep my car smelling fresh and clean. I wear the Amazonite Stone bracelet everyday and I alternate oils on the lava beads.

Being able to diffuse on the go has helped me tremendously with my vertigo and daily mood.
I have been using these items for just over a year and I cannot live without them. Thanks to Diffuse Casually for opening my world to fashionable essential oil jewelry.

— Helen A.

I came across this jewelry and found it remarkably unique in many ways.  First, the designs were uniquely designed by Athena and secondly, the diffusing necklaces did not have felt inserts like most jewelry - they actually had lava stones. The lava stones kept the fragrance of the essential oil a lot longer than the felt. I prefer the lava stones because they maintained their appearance and the oil lasted longer. With the felt inserts, they have to be replaced every once in a while depending on how often you put oils on it. I've purchased not only for me but for several family and friends, and I will continue to purchase when new designs come out.

Thank you!

— Vivi Y.


My family and I have a new found love for our crazy morning routine. I have three children under the age of 10 and the mornings before school and work are never easy. With a new interest in essential oils I began diffusing in their rooms before bed and they loved it! When I came across Diffuse Casually, I thought the bracelets would be a great way to engage them each morning before sending them off to school. Before we leave the house, they each receive 2 drops of frankincense which will last them 4-6 hours. No hassle or arguments had, they absolutely love it!   

— Sarah T.

My wife loves her essential oils (she's got me hooked too) and I wanted to get her a unique diffuser necklace. I found this site and loved the designs especially because of the lava stones. I bought her two different designs and admittedly bought myself a bracelet that I wear everyday!  Here's to healthy living!

— Joe G.